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It has been a month since we adopted Thor, so I just wanted to send along a little update….
Thor is a quick learner and he has been doing amazingly well! He is such a goofball and snuggle bug and we just adore him!
He brings joy to everyone he meets, including us, and we can’t even imagine our lives “before Thor” as he has enriched or lives so much in the short time we’ve had him.
We plan to take him to obedience classes this month for bonding, more learning, fun, and so he can learn to be more calm when there are other pups around to play with!! We also try to educate people on the Pitt Bull breed and how wonderful these dogs are when given a chance.
Thank you so much for what you do and for enabling us to bring this wonderful furry friend into our home. We are so grateful.
Thank you,

Leslie and Mark

Helping find homes for both Paws & People, together!

Here is Milo in his new uniform from St John’s Ambulance. Fresh off probation and dressed in his official uniform ( which you can barely see!) however I’m sure he was thrilled to rock his new uniform at the Nova Scotia rehab on Wednesday!

Hard to believe how a second chance at a forever home can change so many lives!


My partner, James, adopted a little kitten from you a few years ago called Poppy from your shelter. We since changed her name to Maggie, but I just thought you might like to see how well she’s doing. I’m not sure if you remember, but she had a problem with a prolapsed bum before she was adopted but is now completely healthy.

She’s an absolutely lovely cat who sleeps on our laps and bed at night, loves her Iams food, cat tunnels and toys, and the occasional treat :-) We love her so much and wanted to send some photos to say thanks for this little animal.